our research, learning and innovation agenda

Alongside our research, the impact collaborations and other activities, the Observatory convenes and contributes to dialogues that help to guide its agenda, build partnerships and influence the actions of policy, research and practitioner communities. 

In April 2022, our first face to face community of practice meeting in Nairobi, Kenya was key to framing our wider agenda and priorities. The second such meeting takes place in May 2023, again in Kenya.

During 2022, we joined with partners to convene a series of virtual mini-dialogues to explore potential issues that should be on the Observatory agenda. 

    • The definition and timing of anticipatory action to food crises in East Africa: do they matter?
    • Enablers and blockers for effective anticipatory action against food crises in East African drylands
    • Data-driven early warning, prediction and analysis for coordinated/directed food security action in East Africa’s drylands
    • Integrating community-based knowledge to advance early warning and anticipatry action on food security in drylands of the Horn of Africa
    • Livestock as pathways to food-secure and resilient livelihoods and ecosystems in climate-vulnerable drylands of the Horn of Africa
    • Enhancing drought prediction, preparation and response, and climate resilience in dry areas: The scope for more and better livestock data
    • De-risking, financial security and safety nets for more resilient and food-secure communities in the drylands of the Horn of Africa

Short reports from each are being prepared.