How we work

Our ‘land’ to ‘lab’ model

Launching in Kenya and East Africa, our global community of practice unites data, science and practice for food-secure and resilient lives and livelihoods in drylands worldwide.

Comprising individuals from diverse organisations working in this area, the community of practice has critical roles in identifying, discussing and prioritising key questions and challenges, formulating and reviewing options and solutions and contributing to their application.

The image below illustrates the cycle by which questions are prioritised, taken up by the wider network in the form of ‘impact’ collaborations or research projects and then implemented.

This process of research, learning and innovation with partners is characterized by product co-creation among diverse solution seekers and problem solvers, purposeful collaboration taking advantage of collective expertise and exploiting synergies, capacity building to maximize data and evidence use, proactive community involvement and empowerment giving voice and valuing indigenous knowhow, as well as targeted communication and engagement to reinforce delivery and uptake of products.


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