How we work

Connect, Collaborate, Capacitate, Communicate. 

There are many actors and stakeholders already active in this area, each with its own expertise, knowledge and data. The Jameel Observatory will broker combinations that harness and apply ‘glocal’ (global and local) expertise to tackle the local realities identified in and by communities facing food security threats.

Key elements of this approach are:

  • Rather than setting ‘an’ agenda, the Jameel Observatory creates and facilitates open innovation ‘labs’ where observatory partners, collaborators and a wider community of practice connect to identify the critical challenges and bottlenecks and, together, devise and test solutions. The resulting agenda will be demand-led, rooted in on-the-ground realities, and allow for flexible and agile coalitions of expertise to be brokered
  • The local challenges are diverse and difficult, but can be addressed by catalysing and capacitating local to global innovation labs that together apply big data and expertise to find solutions for real challenges
  • The Jameel Observatory fosters and facilitates data and evidence-driven collaborations bringing together best brains, best data and deep local insights with proven impact pathways
  • The Jameel Observatory will communicate lessons and insights and solutions to inspire and inform others