What we do


In April 2022, we held our first community of practice meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. With participants, we identified five challenge questions to guide and frame the Observatory’s research, learning and other activities.

To advance our agenda under each challenge question, we have initiated different activities, including impact collaborations and advanced research projects; we are also engaging with partners to explore other pragmatic collaborations where joining forces can make a difference and convening or contributing to dialogues on the issues driving our work.

With Save the Children UK and other partners, we co-published two reports that updated the evidence base on anticipatory actions and responses to the ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa: 


    • Anticipatory action to mitigate drought-induced crises: Learning from Kenya and Somalia. Tracking early action in response to the current crisis in the Horn of Africa, this report collated information on the various forecasts and warnings that were published and tracked actions taken by humanitarian actors.
    • Dangerous Delay 2 – the Cost of Inaction. Published by Save the Children and Oxfam with support from Jameel Observatory, the Dangerous Delay 2 report assessed changes in forecasting and action in the past ten years. Despite an improved response to the 2017 East Africa drought when widespread famine was averted, national and global responses are largely too slow and too limited.