As part of its matchmaking approach that devises data-driven early action food security solutions for dry areas, the Jameel Observatory supports researchers looking for answers that pastoral communities can use to overcome climate changes. Observatory Affiliates combine their academic research with the development of products and tools that have practical applications in drylands.

Simon Fraval is a post-doctoral research fellow in the University of Edinburgh’s Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security. Simon has over 10 years of experience in agricultural and food systems research. His work is motivated by the escalating pressures on rural communities in tropical latitudes. These pressures have implications for rural livelihoods, human nutrition and environmental sustainability. Through his current research, Simon seeks to inform decision making for the sustainable intensification of crop and livestock enterprises. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow, Simon carried out his PhD research at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Previous research we worked on included: remotely sensed feed availability, non-economic valuation of cattle in pastoralist communities, food security, environmental impact assessment and gender equity.

Research focus and plans

Simon’s research integrates satellite data, household survey data and modeled scenarios to inform decision making for the sustainable intensification of crop and livestock enterprises in tropical latitudes. His research has provided an evidence base for decisions in East Africa, West Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America. These regions are of particular interest given the differing rates of economic development, the role of livestock in farm systems and the opportunity to sustainably intensify production. Simon plans to continue his research on remotely sensed feed availability assessments and climate change mitigation.

Jameel Observatory significance

Simon will work with satellite and supporting data to inform food security early action for pastoralist communities. Data driven monitoring of feed resources and environmental systems in East African rangelands will be critical for the success of food security early action.

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